Passion & Tradition

Passion Tea was born as a result of a continuous process in search of knowledge, a journey of discovery through the world of infusions, in which we have surrounded ourselves by renowned tea makers, the experts in the sector. These people select the best leaves from the most exclusive gardens.


The product is directly imported from its original source and subjected to strict quality control in order to offer varieties with great value; we find inspiration in a thousand-year-old tradition from both the East and the West, providing a sense of well-being and satisfying new consumer trends.


Enjoying a cup of tea is not only a matter of quenching one’s thirst, it is a ritual which is catching on in the Spanish market and continuing to grow in terms of volume and value year after year. In addition, 46.8% of families are willing to pay more for high-quality products, and this is also reflected in the infusion market, which continues to expand by means of the promotion of varieties with greater added value.

The Tea Maker

The main challenge when preparing a menu of teas is to find the best available sources. The Tea Maker’s quest is a constant one, in which the chief goal lies in having constant access to the very best sources. It is sometimes necessary to resort to small producers with poor resources but excellent quality teas.

Passion Tea selects all its ingredients upon the basis of the quality and properties required to prepare each recipe, guaranteeing a form of production which respects the environment.

We prepare our teas in accordance with the tradition of each source, from the growing and harvesting right through to the processing and packaging.

Passion & Tradition

Passion & Tradition

Traditions provide us with wisdom and knowledge; when we speak of teas we look to the West, but when it comes to tisanes we turn our eyes to the East.

This boundary on the imaginary map of the origin of teas, which divides the world into two unequal and fundamentally opposing spheres, disappears in this range.

Passion Tea brings together its teas and herbal infusions in a single world, turning them into wonderful herbal drinks which, when we taste them, evoke their origin, tradition and flavour.

Passion Tea uneix en un sol món els tes i les tisanes convertint-les en unes meravelloses infusions on en degustar cadascuna d'elles es sent, es percep el seu origen, la seva tradició i el seu sabor.


We all know about the medicinal attributes of plants. Passion Tea recovers the taste for infusions, providing therapeutic benefits mixed with authentic, clean, beneficial and high-quality ingredients.
In Europe, the consumption of herbal infusions and teas has increased by 12% in the last four years, in parallel with people’s concern for a healthy lifestyle and diet.

According to experts, the consumer is becoming both increasingly demanding and more knowledgeable. For this reason this project stresses the importance of both shared knowledge and surrounding ourselves with experts in the field.

Product innovation is one of the key factors in the increase in the infusion and tea market. In particular, more pronounced growth has taken place in the Premium sector, which offers teas with the highest added value. For this reason Passion Tea offers high-quality products with an innovative and highly detailed design.