Every season, nature produces flowers, fruits and seeds of herbs and plants with powerful, preventive and invigorating health properties.Tisane provides wisdom, experience and a thorough understanding of the essence of each herb and, thanks to a delicate combination with other select ingredients, offers an infusion suitable for enjoying at all moments of the day. Only through meticulous harvesting is it possible to extract all the virtues of each herb and plant.Passion Tea revives your taste for the flavour and therapeutic benefits of these infusions, which are made up of a blend of authentic, clean, beneficial and high quality ingredients.

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Welfare and taste from the origin.

200 ml.

5 min.


The tea pluckers of Sri Lanka

At the Nanu Oya railway station, located about 27 kilometres from Sri Lanka, I am awaited by a rickshaw, a lightweight two-wheeled carriage which, on this occasion, is pulled by a young local. Once I am on the vehicle – a common means of transport in Asian countries – we set out on a journey […]

The rooibos of South Africa

I find myself in the middle of the Cederberg Mountains, a vast region of South Africa covering 20,000 square kilometres, where the entire world rooibos production is based. What we call rooibos tea is an infusion made from the leaves of a bush native to this land. It is a tisane with highly beneficial properties, […]