Tea maker’s blend is a unique combination of teas and infusions with other ingredients, selected through the expertise, requirements and love of our tea maker.A new experience for the palate, health and mind; the result of a reinterpretation of ancient knowledge and sensations.Passion Tea reclaims the essential benefits of a selection of ingredients with ancient origins.

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Welfare and taste from the origin.


200 ml.

4 min.


Recuperar propietats mil·lenàries

Recovering age-old properties

The Tea Maker regularly visits the plantations, some of them tiny, located in countries such as China, India and Sri Lanka, in order to study and select the varieties of tea and tisanes which, by weight and infusion time, are ideal for preparing the finest flavoured drinks, in combination with other ingredients. With the Tang […]

The tea pluckers of Sri Lanka

At the Nanu Oya railway station, located about 27 kilometres from Sri Lanka, I am awaited by a rickshaw, a lightweight two-wheeled carriage which, on this occasion, is pulled by a young local. Once I am on the vehicle – a common means of transport in Asian countries – we set out on a journey […]