Every season, nature produces flowers, fruits and seeds of herbs and plants with powerful, preventive and invigorating health properties.Tisane provides wisdom, experience and a thorough understanding of the essence of each herb and, thanks to a delicate combination with other select ingredients, offers an infusion suitable for enjoying at all moments of the day. Only through meticulous harvesting is it possible to extract all the virtues of each herb and plant.Passion Tea revives your taste for the flavour and therapeutic benefits of these infusions, which are made up of a blend of authentic, clean, beneficial and high quality ingredients.

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Welfare and taste from the origin.


200 ml.

5 min.


Les destinacions del Tea Maker

The Tea Maker’s destinations

The Tea Maker’s knowledge is one of the keys to obtaining an excellent tea menu. These experts perform work which is sustained over time, during which they systematically identify, monitor and assess the suitability of the properties of the tea leaves from different origins, often on small plantations located in remote areas of China. The […]

Simmering Kyoto

By train, I am just an hour away from the city of Kyoto, in the Wazuka area. This part of Japan, ringed by mountains, has grown high-quality tea for over 800 years, acquiring real status as one of the most coveted and respected teas in the country. The different varieties of tea – over 300 […]