Tea maker’s blend is a unique combination of teas and infusions with other ingredients, selected through the expertise, requirements and love of our tea maker.A new experience for the palate, health and mind; the result of a reinterpretation of ancient knowledge and sensations.Passion Tea reclaims the essential benefits of a selection of ingredients with ancient origins.

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Welfare and taste from the origin.

Yunnan OP

200 ml.

3 min.


Simmering Kyoto

By train, I am just an hour away from the city of Kyoto, in the Wazuka area. This part of Japan, ringed by mountains, has grown high-quality tea for over 800 years, acquiring real status as one of the most coveted and respected teas in the country. The different varieties of tea – over 300 […]

The rooibos of South Africa

I find myself in the middle of the Cederberg Mountains, a vast region of South Africa covering 20,000 square kilometres, where the entire world rooibos production is based. What we call rooibos tea is an infusion made from the leaves of a bush native to this land. It is a tisane with highly beneficial properties, […]